Ray is a total gear head. Guitars, amps, pedals, outboard gear, mixers, recorders, synthesizers, vintage drums, whatever, Ray digs it all. Here you'll find some of Ray's latest finds.

Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature

The flagship amp from Two-Rock. 


An amazing guitar. Don't believe me? Watch the video, then we'll discuss!


Two-Rock makes some of the best electric guitar amplifiers currently available. The Bloomfiled Drive Combo is no exception!

MIMIQ Doubler by TC Electronic. It's actually a tripler and a quadrupler too!
I think the MIMIQ sounds best when utilizing its stereo outs, and hard pan them left and right, or run the stereo outs into two amps for a live setup. I liked what this pedal could do so much that despite the extra strain on my back, I made the move to a two amp live setup using two different make/model amps to even further the illusion of multiple guitar players. I play in a lot of bands with just bass drums and one guitar. It's nice to kick on the MIMIQ during choruses to give a little lift, or in certain solos, to get that Randy Rhoads thing happening, or when you just need that extra little push over the cliff. Here's a little demo I threw together of the MIMIQ Doubler