Ray is a total gear head. Guitars, amps, pedals, outboard gear, mixers, recorders, synthesizers, vintage drums, whatever, Ray digs it all. Here you'll find some of Ray's latest finds.

HEADRUSH Pedalboard

Quality amp, cab and effects modeling with an interface so intuitive that the first time I ever used it I created a rig that modeled my "real life" setup and it took me all of 60 seconds to do so. Sounds are great, the feel is great and the user experience is the most comfortable and intuitive of any other device of this type. Quad-core processing, hands-free editing, touch-screen interface, and did I mention how easy to use this is? To me, this is the best in its class as far as digital modelers go.

ProAnalog Devices

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Scotty Smith, Owner, designer and builder of ProAnalog Devices. He stopped by Austin Guitar House and brought three of his pedals with him, the Manticore, Ascension and the MKIV Vintage. These pedals are fantastically amazing! The Manticore is a better Klon, the Ascension is an octave fuzz with fantastic controls and octave shaping, and the the MKIV Vintage is an overdrive and fuzz that both sound great alone and sound amazing together. Can't wait to get all three of the pedals on my board!

MIMIQ Doubler by TC Electronic. It's actually a tripler and a quadrupler too!
I think the MIMIQ sounds best when utilizing its stereo outs, and hard pan them left and right, or run the stereo outs into two amps for a live setup. I liked what this pedal could do so much that despite the extra strain on my back, I made the move to a two amp live setup using two different make/model amps to even further the illusion of multiple guitar players. I play in a lot of bands with just bass drums and one guitar. It's nice to kick on the MIMIQ during choruses to give a little lift, or in certain solos, to get that Randy Rhoads thing happening, or when you just need that extra little push over the cliff. Here's a little demo I threw together of the MIMIQ Doubler