Here, Ray talks about some of the products that he actively uses and endorses.

Curt Mangan Strings


Curt makes the best strings. He makes them in Cortez, CO. While other string companies use the least expensive raw materials, Curt seeks out the best raw materials sourced here in the good ol' US of A. They sound better and last longer. What more do you want out of a guitar string? Curt Mangan is the only name in guitar strings for me.

wic wireless

WiC Wireless Guitar System by PRA Audio

I've been a fervent believer in the superiority of cable over wireless forever. Well, there was a time in history when this ideology was unequivocally true. Then one day WiC happened and my life was forever changed. The two primary reasons I made the move to WiC Wireless are SIMPLICITY and SOUND QUALITY. You turn on the transmitter and receiver and they immediately pair up. The transmission frequency is continually optimized automatically. It's all battery powered and it comes with a double charger, and most importantly the WiC Wireless System sounds absolutely fantastic!  It's a complete no brainer.

pete schmidt


Pete Schmidt straps are all hand made using double-stitched three-ply high quality Peruvian leather that will last a lifetime. They're the only strap that has actually made me play better! Not kidding! These Pete Schmidt straps are so much more comfortable than the straps I was previously using and that extra level of comfort allowed me to be more focused on the music and less on why my shoulder was hurting.

cardinal instruments


I love Sam Evans and all the wonderful instruments he creates including this new boost pedal that he's has been recently developing. This pedal adds magic and wonder to your guitar signal. Sounds great in front of a tube amp on the verge of breakup. Really helps out Strat type guitars which I always feel benefit from signal juicing. 

analog outfitters


Vintage Hammond organ transformers and NOS tubes are the secret sauce in this amazing amp. With a sound that is familiar yet unique with looks to match. This amp has mojo for days. And I love how they repurpose or "up-purpose", as the guys at Analog Outfitters like to say, the Hammod organ parts and the decommissioned road signs.


Austin Speaker Works


If you like the sound of Celestions then you'll LOVE the sound of Austin Speaker Works speakers! I used a combination of a KTS-70 and and an Elegante on NOMAD CITY's self titled EP. The combination of a ceramic speaker with an alnico was a nice complement. In my live rig I have two KTS-70's in my speaker cab. 

B1G by Lee Jackson



The B1G is simply amazing. Turn it on once, and you'll never want to turn it off. especially with single coils and strats. It's basically a Neve 1073 in a stompbox. Great for electric guitars, acoustic guitars vocals, bass, or almost anything you put through it will sound better as a result. The B1G is truely amazing!

Wishbone italian dressing


This is the secret sauce to better living! A literal spice of life! Wish-Bone Italian dressing is great on salad and everything else too! Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish, they all benefit from Wish-Bone Italian dressing. Makes any vegetable more delicious, even makes the intolerable ones almost tolerable. Wish-Bone Italian dressing even naturally aides your body's absorption of vitamins A and E. I drink shots of it in the morning, before I hit the clubs, after I come home from the clubs, before sex, during sex it gets rubbed all over our bodies, then after sex more shots, and one more shot of Wish-Bone Italian dressing right before sunrise. Put more zest in your life with Wish-Bone Italian dressing!